About Us

Our Mission

Evolution’s mission is to create meaningful memories through our production expertise. Our team of creative and technical specialists allow us to push the boundaries and innovate on each and every production.

Our Creative Leaders

Evolution has a team of over 20 specialist Creatives which we utilise to bring your event, production or video to the next level. This allows us to leverage our staff to meet the needs of each project for our clients, bringing on board production capabilities when and as we need them.

Our Creative Leaders guide Evolution and our clients, and have many years of production experience and expertise to advise and work with you on your production needs.

Our History

In December 2011, Two school friends, Michael Kersnovske and Oscar Kemp started Evolution Pictures to provide creative production solutions across Brisbane. After 2 years, incredibly Michael and Oscar were still friends. Seeing a need to expand into live events, they launched Evolution Events, complementing the work Evolution was undertaking in the videography space. In June of 2014, Evolution expanded with the development of a General Manager role. This allowed the business to scale upwards and provide production solutions for our clients in an improved and streamlined fashion.

In July 2016, the business evolved again, with Oscar and Michael merging Pictures and Events into Evolution Productions. This change allowed the two arms of our productions to work seamlessly together, and meant that we could provide our goal of start-to-finish production management for our clients.

In 2020, Evolution Productions continues to develop innovative solutions to our client’s production needs. Our significant production strengths across small business, touring theatrical production, secondary education and live events gives us the competitive edge for our clients.

Next Steps…

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